Vinnie Aguas

Vinnie Aguas is a 14 year old drummer that is known for his versatility and feel. He started playing drums at 10 years old and at age 12 he started playing with the Asia America Youth Symphony under the direction of David Benoit. Vinnie is also part of the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Shroder. Whenever time permits he plays with his own Vinnie Aguas’ Trio. Vinnie has studied David Anderson, Frank Briggs, Alex Acuna, Will Kennedy, Joey Heredia and Mark Guiliana. He has played with David Benoit, Will Kennedy, Billy Childs, Rick Braun, Tim Weisberg and Pat Kelly to name a few. He also played a few songs on David Benoit’s new album. Vinnie Aguas’ Trio is Mahesh Balasooriya on piano, Benjamin Shepherd on bass and Vinnie Aguas on drums.